Electric Vehicle Charging.

charge is a peer-to-peer platform enabling any car to charge at any charging point - while empowering you to contribute to a sustainable world and earn passively.

Charge will unleash the 90% of the charging infrastructure that lays idle in the "backyards" and the big tech's "walled gardens", by enabling power to the people.

People powered charging platform - A Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network

Charging Infrastructure today is heavily centralised, forcing users to pay ~4x more per charging session.

Users can connect their
private chargers to the charge
platform through a
seamless transition into
web3.0, solving range anxiety
for EV owners

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Setting the foundation for the world's largest charging platform

Enabling builders to connect, interact with and build any charging product on an open network.

Whether for CPO, OEM, Small business or Private charging station owner -
Get engaged and leverage charge for your needs.

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Growing the network through community empowerment and third party development.

Stronger community -> More partners -> More products on the platform -> More Revenue to build an even Stronger community.


people powered

People Powered

Built for the community, by the community, with no big Tech.

Get paid

Build & Grow

Build and Grow your product and profit from an unlimited number of users.

Make an impact

Net Zero

Contribute to carbon neutrality by accelerating the e-mobility transition

Data conscious

Data Conscious

Self-Sovereign Machine Identities for your chargers keep your data yours.

charge is built on


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