Electric Vehicle Charging.

charge is a peer-to-peer, DAO governed platform enabling any car to charge at any charging point - while empowering you to provide charge and get paid for it.

It's as easy as xyz.

x. Get a charger

Get a charger, without Bezos telling you which to pick.

Buy an electric vehicle charging point of your choice directly from manufacturers.

Buy a charger

y. Set it up

Give your charging point its own Machine Passport allowing it to interact with people and cars, peer-to-peer.

Authenticate, without Zuckerberg eating your data.

Configure it

z. Sell charge

Get paid, without your bank taking a cut.

Offer your charging point to any electric vehicle. Earn money while making e-mobility more accessible.

Sell energy


people powered

DAO Governed

Built for the community, by the community, with no corporate third parties.

Get paid


Generate a passive income stream in crypto or traditional currency.

Make an impact

Net Zero

Make an impact by speeding up the switch to e-mobility and contributing to net zero.

Data conscious

Data Conscious

Self-Sovereign Machine  Identities on peaq keep your data yours.

charge is built on


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